Self-driving escape games

We help escape game owners ensure a consistent high-quality service delivery by eliminating the need for game masters. We also provide an operational suport system that raises quality of and reduces time spent on repetitive tasks such as re-setting challenges, payment, taking of team photos and upselling.

This is done through an extensive network of digital sensors and actuators mounted inside the challenges and staff-friendly web-apps for smart phones. Our game control software supports complex game flows and ensures that hints or other actions are triggered at the correct time and situation, based on player performance.

Our technology can be retrofitted into existing challenges, or be delivered together with tested challenge concepts developed by us.

We provide value for sites with four or more challenges and we look for long-term serious business owners that prioritises high-standards service delivery but currently faces high staff costs.

A prime industry player with five challenges often employs up to six members of staff at full operation. One game master for each game, plus one for manning the waiting aread. Relaying on part-time employees can easily grow the number of staff on payroll to 20 or more people. Recruiting and managing such a large workforce is a tough management challenge and incurs substantial costs. By automating game surveillance, we can reduce the number of on-site staff to two persons, even at full operation without sacrificing player experience.

Thanks to self-resetting problem modules and digital check lists connected to mounted sensors and actuators the room for human error is greatly reduced. This reduces the training requirements for new employees, offering business owners more flexibility when it comes to staffing.



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Managing Director
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